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IT Graphix is an integrated web design company based in Thailand. With one contact you get to know a team of web design skilled experts.


Web site design

Graphic Design

Web Site Design

  • Where are your designers and company personnel located?
    We are a small design company located at Koh Samui, Thailand
  • What is the guarantee of quality?
    We ensure that our designers provide the highest quality work. If you are not satisfied, we revise until the time the work we create is satisfactory.
  • What if I demand a refund?
    If you require a refund we will provide it with the understanding that any samples we created will be open for use for our other customers.
  • What if what your designers provide is not what I want and I demand a refund?
    We do have a refund policy, as we believe that customer satisfaction is essential. However, we prefer that we reach a compromise with the customer. Web Designs are something personal and we guarantee that if you explain it well enough we can make the appropriate design. However, if you still require a refund we will provide it with the understanding that any samples we created will be open for use for our other customers.
  • What are the qualifications of your designers?
    Most if not all our designers have degrees in Web Designing and/or diplomas in Web Engineering. They upgrade their knowledge with courses that supplement their talent e.g. Courses in Flash Multimedia, Animation etc.
  • How do I know the Web Design you create will be search engine compatible?
    IT GRAPHIX has a network of researchers that keep up to date with the changes in search engine policies and work with the web designers to ensure that any web site developed is search engine friendly and gets a good listing if launched effectively.
  • What is the cost of a website designed?
    Every web site developed and designed is different. The cost is thus different and dependent on the requirements of the customer. If you e-mail us the requirements we get back to you on the cost. We can almost guarantee that the price we quote will be competitive if not the lowest in the market.
  • What technology do your developers use?
    Our developers are capable of developing web sites compatible with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Java etc.
  • What about your refund policy?
    Our refund policy is constant. If we cannot develop something that you are satisfied with we retain copy right of the samples and issue a 100% refund.
  • How much does it cost to host a web site with ITGRAPHIX?
    We have different package rates that are set up for customer convenience check the rates at our Web Site Package page.
  • What type of web server will my site be hosted on?
    Unix .

Graphic Design

  • How long does it take before I can see my samples of company logos?
    The time we take to design the samples is 3-5 days.
  • How many changes may I ask for my company logo?
    We aim to keep our customers satisfied and we will make changes/revisions until you agree to the company logo design.
  • What if I don't like any of initial logo designs?
    We will make more company logos according to the package that you have chosen. Usually the clients approve of at least two of the logo design samples we provide and then we improve upon them.
  • What if I have my own idea for the company logo?
    Any idea that may help our designer create a logo to your satisfaction can be sent in once you have retained our services.
  • Can you redo my existing company logo?
  • Who keeps rights to the company logo design?
    The rights of the logo chosen are given to the client while rights to the samples remain with IT GRAPHIX.
  • What if what your logo designers provide is not what I want and I demand a refund?
    We do not provide a refund no matter what the circumstances. If you are not satisfied with the logo, we suggest you speak to a representative and discuss your revisions and ideas over the phone. We will even have a different designer make the new set of logos from a different perspective. IT GRAPHIX aims to satisfy. All changes are made within 24-72 hours with the exception of weekends.
  • What color format do you provide the logos in?
    We provide the logo in CMYK as well as PANTONE colors.
  • What are CMYK colors?
    CMYK colors are used for off-set printing purposes. Prints include standard colored stationary etc.
  • What if I want my logo in RGB colors?
    CMYK colors are convertible to RGB colors (also known as screen colors). However, when printing with RGB colors, the colors will not be accurate. Thus, they are best used for websites only.
  • What is the difference between a "redraw" and a "revisions"?
    Revisions are changes made to your logo concepts with regards to color, size, font or building upon the design at hand. A redraw however, means designing a new set of logo concepts based on the feedback you provide us.
  • What does your satisfaction guarantee actually entail?
    At IT GRAPHIX, we stand behind our work, and we want to ensure that you are thrilled with your logo. This is why 99% of our customers tell us they are satisfied with our service. Our guarantee states that we will continue to work on your project until you are satisfied. And if you are not satisfied at any time, contact our Consulting team on the phone, and either we will develop new concepts for you, or refund your money. In order to ensure that we stay in business, we will retain a design fee, which is $99 for the first draft, and $50 for each additional draft that you request. If we have not started any portion of your project, we will refund 100% of that part of your project. For further details, please review our Terms and Conditions on our order page.
  • Can you design an exact copy from your portfolio or someone else’s portfolio?
    Unfortunately, IT GRAPHIX specializes in custom logo design. We do not use clip art and design logos that can be trademarked by our clients. We are adamant about protecting design rights of our clients. However, we would be happy to design a logo that is similar in style and "feel" as the designs that you like.

For more personal and customized questions like whether you can use your own color scheme or whether or how long it will take to design and/or develop a site send in your questions so that we may be more precise in our responses saving your time and effort. Our email address is: info@itgraphix.com