School Brochure Design

With the advance technology that we have nowadays, you would think that there’s no need for flyers and brochures anymore. That’s not true at all. When you are dealing with a diverse market, you need to find a way to tap them all. Not everyone is as internet savvy as you would think and there are age groups that basically don’t have the time to go online. Some just don’t go online because of preference.


The best way to reach this market is to send out brochures. The best brochure design is something eye-catching but in keeping with the nature of your business. It should be playful and fun if you are dealing with products for the younger set, elegant and refined if you are selling luxury items like jewelry. IT Graphix can provide you with the best design for your specific needs.


Viboon Ram-Indra Business Administration Technological College


15,000 Baht

Brochure, Design