Signage Design

Your signage can affect the way you do business. A shabby looking sign near your office entrance won’t do much to attract possible clients, especially if you work in a conservative industry. A good signage should be eye-catching, but in a good way. An insurance company for example, should avoid neon colors and grade-school looking fonts. The reason for this is obvious. As an insurance company, people perceive it to be all about serious business. The neon colors are totally out of place and out of sync with the business nature. However, there are firms who commit this kind of mistake. Don’t be one of them.


For a good and respectable signage design, better ask a graphic designer to come up with something for your company. The price may be higher, but the end result will be so much better for you and your bottom line.


Ottoman Restaurant


20,000 Baht

Design, Logo, Signage