About me.

Starting at the start – my name is Jod. I am an entrepreneur and graphic designer. I was born in Phuket, Thailand – a beautiful island with many golf courses, beautiful beaches, good restaurants, nice old buildings and wonderful culture. My Mom and Dad still live there to this day


I, however, had to move away for my studies. My education took me to Bangkok, where I attended Trium Udom Suksa School and Bangkok University and met a bunch of great friends.


My education took me further still – to Australia – where I obtained an Advance Diploma in Graphic Design from Billy Blue School of Arts (1999) and a Master of Arts from Griffith University (2001) and Master of Multimedia Design with First Class Honour from University of Sydney (2002).


Sydney has special meaning for me because it was there that I met Pat, my lovely wife.


Now, I’m living happily in Koh Samui with my wife and son.